Loredana Dumitrache is an entrepreneur at DEL ART STUDIO since 2016 and an Photography Post-Production Artist, having extended work experience in retouching beauty, fashion, advertising, catalog, celebrity, portraits and still life.

Her retouching approach is focused on improving the quality of the photography while maintaining a natural look by using non-invasive methods and advanced retouching techniques to provide high quality work.


Supplier for L’Oreal Paris, McCann Agency, CODAGE Paris, Maybelline, Oriflame, Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Keune, Kiehl’s, Egide, APM Monaco-Blue Smile Agency, Bigotti, Pandora, Colgate, Fereto, Otte-NY, TSXX Jewelry, La maison du chocolat- Paris, Reborn by Alexandra Calafeteanu, Beauty District, Wild Inga, Kaufland, Iza van Dee, 4F, Mexton, Format Lady, Efemere, Baneasa Shopping City, Pambac, SC Bern, Ninja Warrior-CH.


L’Officiel Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, BeauMonde Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Idole Magazine, Unica Magazine, Tantalum Magazine, Kodd Magazine, inCover Magazine, Fashion Shift Magazine, OOB Magazine, Sheeba Magazine, Lucy’s Magazine, Xiox Magazine, PSM Magazine, Scorpio Jin Magazine, Latest Magazine, Viva Magazine, Getts Highlights Magazine, Playhaus Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine, Institute Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Xander Magazine, Satelite Journal, Millenium Magazine, Whisper Magazine, Latina Magazine, Les Proffessionels Magazine, Kalbut Magazine, Nunta Magazine, Avantaje Magazine, Fashion World Magazine, Design Scene Magazine, Jute Magazine, Switch Magazine, B-ALL Magazine, Sapte Seri Magazine, Trend Prive Magazine.