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High-End Retoucher

Hi, my name is Loredana Dumitrache

I am a Freelance Post-Production Artist specialised in Beauty, Fashion and Still Life retouching. 

The Architectural background that I have helped me having both a technical and an artistic mindset, gaining a better understanding towards perspective,volumetry, texture, lights/shadows and color theory, essential elements that are found in photography and image-processing as well.

My retouching style is focusing on the natural look using non-invasive methods and techniques with an artistic approach to provide high quality work.


L’Oreal Paris-McCann Agency, CODAGE Paris, Maybeline, Oriflame, Egide, APM Monaco-Blue Smile Agency, Fereto, Otte-NY,
Reborn by Alexandra Calafeteanu, Beauty District, Keihl’s, Bigotti, Pandora.


Dreamingless Magazine- “Opium”
Institute Magazine- “Glory Days”, “The Echo of Your Love”, “Rebel Beauty”
InStyle Magazine- Cover
Elegant Magazine- “Clinical Obsession”
Xander Magazine- “Matterial Girl”, “Heavy Metal Chic”+ Cover
Satelite Journal- “Damsels in Distress”
Millenium Magazine- “Jadyn Douglas Article”+ Cover
Whisper Magazine- “Reborn”
Latina Magazine- Jadyn Douglas Article
Les Proffessionels- “Xonia”,”Fairytale”,” Summer trends”+ Cover
Kalbut Magazine- “From the Laurel Flower”
BeauMonde- “Former&Future Bride”+ Cover, 4 types of brides
Ellements Magazine- “Blue Pearl”, “Spanish Belleza”, “Abyss”
Idole Magazine- “True Colours”
Unica Magazine- “Feeling Blue”
Nunta Magazine- “Beauty”
Avantaje- “Xonia”+ Cover,
Fashion World Magazine- “Geometry Classy”, “Rock the Jewels”
Design Scene- “Lush”, “Marika Glowalla by Tamara Hansen”
Jute Magazine- “The Cat Lady”+ Cover
Switch Magazine- “Where do you go when you are blue?”
Tantalum Magazine- “White Light”
Kodd Magazine- “W.W.G”
inCover Magazine- “Beauty”
Fashion Shift Magazine- “Amnesia”
OOB Magazine- “The others”
Sheeba Magazine- “Powder”